Principia, an interactive science museum


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Principia is an interactive science museum that shares scientific and technological knowledge with the general public in an entertaining way, without losing any scientific content.

At Principia, the interactive experience with objects invites to think and reflect, encouraging visitors to think and investigate the scientific basis of natural phenomena in the world by themselves.

Principia is linked to the world of teaching, so its activities have a strong educational character, being a good resource for teachers and students in the teaching-learning process of science. In fact, it was originally created to provide support for classes in schools, gathering a collection of illustrative elements for the topics the students are taught.


The science centre Principia is organised into differents areas:

“Tomás Hormiqo” room, with over 80 interactive exhibits to understand the fundamentals of many phenomena produced by nature.


“Faraday” room: Here, doing experiments about electrostatics, mechanics, optics and chemistry are carried out to enjoy and study science in a different way.


Planetarium: There are over 1,200 stars in the constellations we can see in our sky or in the southern hemisphere. Here, we can reproduce the sky from anywhere in the world at any time of the year.



Astronomical Observatory: Located on the terrace of the museum, it is provided with a moveable dome of 3.5 metres in diameter from where you can observe the most outstanding celestial bodies.



Unicaja – Principia Video Library: The Unicaja Bank´s Social Work Programme and Principia have made the Unicaja Documentary Fund of Scientific Films Festival of Ronda available to the public. It is made up of over 1,200 videos which can be watched and consulted at Principia.


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Another activities at Principia:

Astronomical Observations: Every month, astronomy observations are carried out from the observatory terrace with the collaboration of the Agrupación Astronómica de Málaga “Sirio” ( Astronomy Association of Málaga ), which is open to the public and free of charge.

Public awareness science conferences.

Science film seasons.

Summer  workshops for children.


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