Solar System



In Solar System we can find the Sun, nine planets turning around it, asteroids and comets. Sun is the nearest star, and It is 110 times bigger than the Earth. Sun has the 99,8% of the Solar System´s mass. 

In this device we can see the five planets which we can see with a naked eye (also the Earth, the Moon and the Sun): Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. On the other hand Urano, Neptune and Pluto are further than Saturn, we need telescope in order to see them.
Asteroid belt (a lot of pieces of a non formed planet) is between Mars and Jupiter.

All planets have satellites ("moons"), except Mercury and Venus. Our Moon is 384.400 km from the Earth. His diameter is 3.476 Km  (3,7 times smaller than the Earth more or less). It spends 27,3 days to turn around our planet.


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